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Can You Cook A Roast Chicken in a Pizza Oven?

Cook A Roast Chicken in a Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens are an excellent tool for any cook as to the versatility of what you can cook in them. This versatile oven can slow cook meats and will create the moistest, mouth-watering roasted chicken you can eat. Are you entertaining the idea of buying a pizza oven, or even just thinking about new ways…

Can You Cook Pizza on Parchment Paper or Foil?

Can You Cook Pizza on Parchment Paper or Foil

When preparing to bake a pizza, people often wonder whether you can cook a pizza on parchment paper or foil. Cook Pizza on Parchment Paper or Foil? – Introduction. Pizza is a beloved dish with so many varieties and flavors. With so many ways of making our favorite food, many home cooks are trying out…

Why Is Pizza Called Pizza?

Italian Pizza

Roughly 30 billion pizzas are consumed around the world every year. It’s shocking, but not surprising, given the dish’s insane popularity and nearly universal reach, but most people don’t know anything about it – So When Was it First-Called Pizza? Pizza gets its name from an Italian word referring to the shaping of the dough….

The Real Meaning of Pizza (Other Than Delicious)

Love Pizza

Pizza is an iconic food with roots that trace back to its inception in Italy many years ago. While the details on the creation of the word Pizza and the food itself are a bit hazy, that doesn’t stop people from speculating what the word translates to in Italian. From Greece to Germany, many different…

How Do You Make the Base of a Pizza Crispy?

To ensure that your pizza crust is crispy, you should use a preheated pizza stone or perforated pizza pan. Use the correct cheese, and ensure your oven is at the right temperature. Pizza is one of the number one foods loved around the world. For many, there is nothing worse than a pizza with a…

What’s the Correct Temperature for a Small Pizza Oven Versus a Commercial Pizza Oven?

Pizza oven temperature graphic

Pizza is a nearly universally loved treat. With its crisp crust and gooey cheese, that restaurant-quality pie is often the envy of home chefs. So, why can’t they replicate those results in their home ovens? Pizza needs to be cooked at a high temperature to create its iconic texture. Ideally, that’s around 600 degrees Fahrenheit…

Is Neapolitan Pizza Healthy?

Is Pizza Healthy graphic

When we think of healthy foods, pizza is rarely at the top of the list. Instead, we usually imagine greasy slices piled high with toppings and cheese. But what about the original pizza – Neapolitan? Is Neapolitan pizza healthy? Neapolitan pizza is one of the healthiest pizzas currently available when made traditionally. It’s constructed of…

What Is Neapolitan Pizza Crust?

neapolitan pizza crust

The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when you say “pizza” is a light, airy crust with high edges and toppings in the thin middle. The Neapolitan pizza crust is a yeasted dough made from flour, water, yeast, and salt. This crust rises and bakes quickly into a light, airy, well-risen crust to…

Why are pizzas round? (Is round better for a reason? )

Boxed Pizza

Introduction Have you ever wondered why pizzas tend to be rounded? When so many of our foods are designed to be cooked in square dishes or on rectangular trays, it seems odd that pizzas should be round. Pizza is round for a few reasons; it’s easier for the servers to cut into slices, and rounded…

Did Pizza Come from China? (Surely Not!)

Pizza from China? graphic

When folks mention pizza, you probably think of Italian restaurants and pepperoni. But what if pizza doesn’t come from Italy at all…? A popular theory has people asking, ‘did pizza come from China?‘ Some stories claim that an early version of pizza was made in China and brought back to Italy by explorer Marco Polo….