How Many Slices Should I Cut My Pizza Into?

How Many Slices Should I Cut My Pizza Into? introduction.

Making pizza at home is fun, easy, and saves money.

Pizza is a simple, delicious meal that’s sure to please the whole crowd, whether you’re making your pie from scratch or heating a frozen pizza from the grocery store.

No matter how you choose to make your pizza, you’ll have to cut it into slices before devouring it.

What Number Of Pizza Slices? 

You should cut your pizza into 4-12 slices based on the size of the pizza and your personal preference. For example, suppose you are making a medium-sized pizza (the size of most frozen pizzas and many pizza stones), which typically measures 12″. In that case, you should cut it into eight slices. 

It’s helpful to examine how well-known pizza joints slice their pies.

The pizza’s size determines the number of slices of pizza.

For example, here are the number of slices in different pizza sizes at Godfather’s Pizza, a popular American pizza chain.

  • 6″ pizza: 4 slices
  • 8″ pizza: 6 slices
  • 10″ pizza: 6 slices
  • 12″ pizza: 8 slices
  • 14″ pizza: 10 slices
  • 18″ pizza: 12 slices
How Many Slices Should I Cut My Pizza Into
8 Pizza Slices

Keep reading to find out how long to wait before slicing pizza, how to create even slices and some alternatives to using a pizza cutter.

How long should I let my pizza sit before I slice it?

According to Papa Murphy’s Take ‘n’ Bake Pizza cooking instructions, you should let the pizza sit anywhere from 3-5 minutes before you slice it. 

Pizza restaurants generally slice their pizzas straight out of the oven, but that’s because they are in a hurry to get as many pizzas boxed and out the door as possible. 

So allowing your pizza to sit before slicing can help your pizza-eating experience be as delightful as possible. 

Waiting to cut your pizza!

First of all, waiting to cut your pizza reduces the risk of burning the roof of your mouth when you take the first few bites. Once you’ve sliced your pizza, you’ll be anxious to eat it, so letting the pizza cool saves your mouth from unnecessary pain.

The pizza will also be easier to slice if you give it a few minutes after coming out of the oven. The cheese and toppings on the pizza start to set up once removed from heat, which makes the pizza simple to slice. 

If you get in a rush and slice your pizza too soon, you run the risk of cheese and toppings coming off when you grab a slice!

One of the lesser-known benefits of waiting to slice your pizza is that it keeps your crust crispy and crunchy.

However, if the cheese doesn’t have time to set before the pizza’s sliced, oils will soak into the edges of the crust and make it soggy. 

A crispy crust is a part of what makes pizza delicious, so be sure to let your pizza rest before cutting it.

Enjoying A Pizza Slice

But the main reason to let your pizza rest for several minutes is the taste! 

You can now take your first bite end experience the taste sensation you have been craving! 

No “ooooh’s and Aaahhhh’s” and panic from the intense heat and not being able to taste your favorite pizza.

How do I cut my pizza into even slices?

When trying to cut even slices of pizza, you have two options: eyeballing it or using a pizza cutting guide. If you’re making pizza for yourself or your family, eyeballing it is probably enough. But if you’re serious about creating perfectly-symmetrical slices, a pizza cutting guide is the way to go.

There are multiple pizza cutting guides, but the easiest is a combination cutting board and guide. These boards have lines to guide your pizza cutter, helping you create perfect slices every time. In addition, these cutting boards can be purchased in several sizes, making it easy to slice any size of pizza.

What if I don’t have a round pizza cutter?

Pizza enthusiasts will only use the traditional knife and folk, which is the best for certain pizza styles, such as The Neapolitan Pizza. This pizza style has a soft soupy nature that can be difficult to handle.

Some chefs think round pizza cutters make slicing pizzas more difficult.

Using a large chef’s knife is a great way to slice your pizza. This way, you won’t have to worry about topping and cheese getting gummed up in the pizza cutter.

Widespread amongst students is using kitchen scissors to create great slices of pizza. Kitchen scissors easily cut through layers of crust, sauce, and toppings, making it simple to cut straight lines.


Making restaurant-quality pizza at home is fun and saves money, but it can be a little intimidating. Nobody wants a pizza with soggy crust, uneven slices, or missing toppings.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, though. You can easily conquer making pizza at home with these simple tips, whether made from scratch or picked up at the store. 

To Must Dos:

  1. Decide the correct number of slices for your pizza size.
  2. Waiting a few minutes before slicing.
  3. Use a pizza guide to create even slices.
  4. Finding the right tool for cutting your pizza.
  5. Enjoy You Pizza!!