Are Pizza And Beer The Perfect Match?

Pizza with beer go together perfectly, but why do they both complement each other so well?

Whatever the reason is, there’s no doubt that pizza and beer make for a great pairing.

Some folk wouldn’t think of beer and pizza as the perfect match, but trust us – they are.

The pizza and beer industry is booming, with plenty of restaurants and beer makers competing for your business. So it’s no wonder why pizza and beer satisfy both your hunger and thirst while being affordable, filling, and delicious.

Beer and pizza might be the ultimate food combo!

Let’s break this down.

Beer has always and will always be renowned around the world. An ice-cold beer makes for the perfect drink, whether at home or out socializing, especially in bars and restaurants. When you need to quench your thirst, there is no better drink.

The sensation of beer is unlike any other food or drink out there because beer has a complex nature.

It’s carbonated, which gives beer that tingly feeling on your tongue. However, it also contains bitter-sweet tasting compounds, making it incredibly flavorful to drink.

What’s beer’s history?

Beer has existed for over 5,000 years and is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages we know of, still in production and consumption today!

Beer’s history involved brewers sharing their beer with various civilizations and cultures. Sharing helped us better understand beer and develop the wide variety of flavors we have come accustomed to today.

What are the main types of beers?

There are two primary categories of beers. Lagers make up most of the world’s supply of beer, while ales make up some of North America’s beer.

Brewed at a colder temperature gives the more extensive beer a somewhat different taste. Lagers tend to be lighter in flavor and aroma than ales.

Ales use top fermentation vats for their beer production, while Lagers use bottom-fermenting yeast tanks.

What about the Pizza?

“What’s all the fuss about pizza?” is a question you may have thought of at one point.

Pizza + Beer = Pure Bliss

Well, pizza is just amazing, that’s what!

Not many human beings on this planet have ever said, “I hate pizza! I’m never eating pizza again!”

Pizza is so famous that most people have probably eaten and enjoyed pizza at least once in their lifetime. Even the older generations are jumping on this pizza revolution!

There’s no doubting that pizza tastes delicious. The sauce tastes great, the cheese tastes great. The crust is just sublime!

Each bite stimulates your taste buds with the perfect combination of flavors that leaves you wanting more!

Like many other foods, pizza is comfort food for many people. This delicious food is in all of our hearts and is a go-to option when we’re feeling down. If you’ve had a bad day, pizza is there to cheer you up and make it all better!

Why Beer And Pizza?

A Question pizza and beer lovers have been asking for centuries. Over the years, beer has naturally evolved to be the drink of choice while enjoying a good pie.

The robust flavors of pizza go well with the big, bold flavors you get from beer.

Beer is more refreshing than wine and compliments pizza by cutting through the cheesy texture. It cleanses the pallet and leaves you that delightful aftertaste we all love, readying you for that next slice of pizza.

This beverage is no stranger to pizza, and pizza is no stranger to beer!

So, How Do You Find Your Perfect Beer and Pizza Combo?

Try A Beer-Tasting Bar!

Brewery Beer Tasting

There are many beer breweries across America and the U.K. Some now have in-house beer tasting bars. These bars are a place for beer lovers everywhere to come and taste beer flavors they may never imagine possible.

Tasting bars have become increasingly popular; beer and pizza lovers alike want their two favored food and drink served and matched together.

Some of these breweries now have pizza served at beer pairing events. These pizza and beer tasting events showcase the beer brewery’s finest beers. They show drinkers what tastes best when paired with their favorite pie.

Beer tasting bars give drinkers the chance to try different beer flavors at one time. In addition, their beer experts will help advise beer lovers with beer suggestions that pair well with their preferred pizza toppings.

So if beer is your favorite drink and you don’t mind a slice or two of our beloved pizza, then beer tasting bars are the place to go!

Peroni aka Nastro Azzurro: 

The classic and preferred allrounder, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, is a premium Italian lager made with all-natural ingredients and has a deep golden color, distinctive rich flavor, and smooth finish. This beer pairs perfectly with pizza because of its crispness. Light-bodied beers such as this one are great with pizza because the carbonation will cut through the pizza’s grease and oil. Also, a pizza’s toppings give off-flavors that will go well with a light beer.

Traditionally, a paired pizza with simple beers such as Pilsner, people have begun experimenting with many different combinations in recent years.

Such as-

IPA: India Pale Ale:

IPA is a beer brewed to be exceptionally fruity yet bitter with higher alcohol content. The IPA was first invented in England by George Hodgson of the Bow Brewery for export to troops serving in India during the British Raj.

It is unclear why this style is named “India” pale ale. One theory states that it was more “hop forward” than the typical pale ales of the time. Another theory states that it had more alcohol (and was, therefore, less likely to spoil) than other beers brewed at the time.

These beers are perfect for cutting through the palette, as mentioned previously.

Blonde Ale:

If you’re feeling adventurous, this beer and pizza combo is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Blondes are typically lighter in body and have a moderately bitter taste, with a subtle grain flavor. In addition, they usually have a hint of citrus from the hops, which makes this pizza/beer combo perfect for those who love a little zest in their meal.

TheTry And Test Method!

Pizza & Beer With Friends

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment!

Don’t automatically order your usual beer! Instead, we recommend that you try a different beer with your meal every time you go to your pizza joint of choice.

You may be pleasantly surprised!

For example, some pizza and beer combos go hand in hand. You will immediately notice and say, “Ooohhhh… Now you are talking,” Believe us, your senses will let you know when you are onto a winning combo!

In Summary:

Beer pairs well with pizza because it cuts through cheesy textures and enhances the flavors depending on what type you choose to drink!

Try something different when ordering beer; check out your local brewery tasting bars, which serve pairing events showcasing their finest beers paired with pies.