Pizza Versus Burgers

If there’s one thing humans are pretty good at, it’s making delicious food. You would have a tough time finding anyone out there who dislikes both pizza and burgers, two of the best cuisine creations mankind has ever come up with.

But which one is really better?

When it comes to taste, it is entirely subjective. With this being said, we are still going to make an argument for how, in some ways, pizza is objectively superior to burgers of any sort.

That may sound like a bold claim, but we promise there’s more to this than mere opinion!

In the rest of this article, we’ll be discussing the various strengths of pizza that even something as tasty as hamburgers can’t match. By the end, we’re sure you’ll agree with our assessment of the objectively superior food item.

Pizza is More Versatile and Customizable

Don’t get us wrong, there are all sorts of fancy burgers out there and many things you can put on them. But if you were to compare the sheer amount of ingredients that can and have been used on pizza to those used for burgers, it wouldn’t take long to notice a big difference.

Objectively, one of the best things about pizza is that you can put nearly anything you want on it, and it will still taste good, at least to someone.

Unlike burgers, you can make almost anything work with a pizza if you mix and match the right ingredients. If you’re a pineapple and ham person, that can be done. Anchovies? You do you.

In fact, there are even pizzas out there that use the right ingredients to taste like hamburgers. Even dessert pizzas are a thing. The point is, you can put almost anything on a pizza and still make it work. Of course, you can put a lot of stuff on hamburgers, but the options are not nearly as varied or unique. Speaking of which…

Pizza Has More Flavor Profiles Available

While customizable to an extent, a hamburger has one key thing about it that rarely ever changes, that being the meat itself. An actual hamburger is always beef, or at the very least, a substitute that tastes like beef.

Seasoning, sauces, and cooking methods can somewhat provide the flavor, but it will always taste a lot like beef.

Pizza isn’t so limited in variety. Maybe you want a really savory, traditional pizza with pepperoni, sausage, and ham. That can be done. Perhaps you’d rather have a fresh pizza that utilizes white sauce and spinach? That can be done too. You can get a pizza with honey on it, or one with balsamic, or pepper, or pretty much anything you want.

This means that even if you ate pizza every day for a week, you could get a pretty different experience out of each meal if you wanted to. A hamburger has to have a meat patty to be what it is. Still, a pizza is really only defined as a bunch of toppings of your choice on the dough, and even that is variable.

There’s even been pizza crust with hotdogs in it and hamburger pizza crust. But, at the end of the day, a burger is a burger. So it will be a somewhat similar experience to eat.

In contrast, pizza can be anything you want it to be and doesn’t have to get old even if you eat a ton of it in a short timeframe.

Pizza is Better for Parties

When was the last time you had a bunch of burgers delivered for a big party? We’re not saying it never happens, but no sane person would deny that pizza is better for parties for several reasons.

First of all, many places deliver pizza, while few places deliver burgers, so that alone is pretty nice.

Secondly, pizza is perfect for sharing since it often comes in slices. That’s convenient when feeding a lot of people.

On top of that, pizza is straightforward to eat, requiring nothing but one’s hands, which is nice if you’d rather not hand out a ton of utensils for all of your party guests. Even napkins aren’t necessarily required when eating pizza.

Also, pizza tends to be cleaner than hamburgers as well. Most people would prefer to eat a nice, juicy burger at a table with some napkins. That’s fine unless people eat on your sofa or stand around in your house. So if you are looking to deal with less of a mess overall, pizza is the way to go.

Finally, pizza is usually very affordable when feeding a large group of people.

One large pizza can often feed anywhere from four to eight people depending on how much everyone eats, usually for a reasonable price. It would be hard to match that feeding capacity with burgers for the same price unless you were talking small sliders specifically.

Pizza Makes for Easy Leftovers

When it comes to leftovers, a significant appeal factor is how easy it is to enjoy them. Nobody wants to go through a long process just to make their leftovers edible again, and this is where pizza really shines. After sitting in the fridge for some time, pizza is still easy to enjoy. Of course, not everyone likes cold pizza, but it’s as easy as grabbing it for those who do.

Even if you choose to heat up your pizza, a microwave will usually do the job just fine. The food is still perfectly edible, even appealing. You can’t quite say the same about burgers: for one, burger leftovers aren’t nearly as appealing in the first place, and you definitely wouldn’t want to eat them cold.

Microwaving a burger doesn’t sound very good either, does it? It can be done, but it isn’t very appetizing.

To enjoy a leftover burger, you’d really need to put it in the oven or something, and that’s a hassle. Pizza is just a better food to turn into leftovers. No one is ever really disappointed to have it available in the fridge.

You Get More Food for Your Money

Generally speaking, a pizza and a burger cost roughly the same amount of money, give or take a few dollars. But in most cases, you’ll get a lot more food overall from a pizza than a burger, which makes pizza more cost-efficient.

This isn’t always the case, and a burger will usually come with fries or something, but the point still stands.


As you can see, pizza has some objective advantages over burgers that can’t be denied. Of course, if you are really the type of person to enjoy a good chunk of meat, you may still like burgers a little more, but that doesn’t change the facts: in some ways, pizza is just better.

Of course, there are some things in which a hamburger is superior. But if it really came down to it and we had to choose, we would definitely take a good pizza over even a really good hamburger any day!