Pizza Versus Burritos

There’s no shortage of great foods items out there. Pizza is undoubtedly one of the greatest. But what about burritos, you ask? They’re pretty awesome too, but they’re not as good as pizza.

Believe it or not, there are actually several reasons why pizza is just objectively superior to burritos.

Of course, the taste is subjective, but even ignoring that, we can undoubtedly say that pizza is superior in many regards. It just has some advantages that burritos do not.

Obviously, we don’t expect you to just take our word for it, but don’t worry: we intend to explain ourselves in this article.

By the end of it, you will see the light!

Pizza Has Far More Variety

While there are many types of burritos out there, it goes without saying that the number of variants is still less than pizza.

After all, there are some ingredients you absolutely must have to have a burrito. Still, pretty much everything is fair game when it comes to pizza.

You can change what the crust is made out of or how it is made. You can choose nearly any top of sauce or cheese or elect to not even have cheese. You can go total carnivore, vegetarian, or even vegan. Every aspect of the pizza is an aspect that can be changed if you so desire it.

That alone means pizza is one of the most variable types of food out there. Even if you had to order pizza for dinner every day for a week, you could get a pretty different experience each and every time. But, unfortunately, that is not something you can say about most foods.

In fact, pizza is so customizable that you can even have burrito pizza, and at that point, why even settle for a burrito alone?

There are very few flavor profiles pizza can’t provide, which is part of what makes it so awesome.

Pizza Delivery is Far More Universal

We’re not saying that you can’t get burritos delivered to your home. There are probably some places out there that deliver burritos. But it’s just not as universal as getting pizza delivered.

Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, it’s almost guaranteed that you can get pizza delivered right to your door.

Even though there are more places around that deliver pizza, it’s usually pretty cheap to do. Also, you can still get a tremendous amount of variety.

You can probably get more pizza for a lower price than burritos when getting it quickly delivered to your home.

So, when you aren’t in the mood to cook yourself or go out and get food, pizza is usually the better way to go. It will almost always be available to you, no matter your situation. And on that note, let’s talk about something else that makes pizza so amazing, shall we?

Pizza is a Far Superior Party Food

What comes to mind when you think of an easy food item to supply an entire party with the goods? Chances are, it’s probably not burritos.

There are many reasons pizza is the ultimate party food when you need to feed many people.

First of all, as mentioned previously, delivery is super easy, so it’s not like you have to go to the store and get all of those pizzas delivered yourself.

Secondly, pizza was designed to be shared in the first place, so it comes in slices. So one pizza can feed four to eight people.

Furthermore, pizza is straightforward to eat. The crust is practically a built-in plate, and all you need to enjoy the meal is your hands, meaning you don’t have to provide utensils for everyone at the party.

You may need to provide napkins at most, but even that’s not necessarily the case most of the time.

So, all in all, you can provide more pizza for more people at a more affordable price, and it’s usually a lot less of a mess. That definitely gives pizza a lot of brownie points in our books!

Pizza Makes for Perfect Leftovers

Burritos come out of the microwave pretty well. Still, they always manage to be less tasty than a pizza. In fact, one of the best things about pizza is that it can be consumed in almost any way, making it the ideal leftover food.

Not everyone likes cold pizza, but there’s no denying that it’s one of the few food items people actually like, both hot and cold in decent numbers.

Nobody likes a cold burrito. But, on the other hand, pizza can be eaten cold, thrown in the microwave, popped in an air fryer, or heated up in an oven. Pizza, on the other hand, whether it be hot or cold, it’s usually good.

Even after being stored in the refrigerator for long periods, pizza still tastes great, making it an even better food than burritos. Some burritos aren’t that appealing if they’ve been warmed up out of the refrigerator.

One Pizza Can Cater to Multiple Tastes

A pizza can cater to multiple tastes as you can easily divide it up to suit many people. For example, some people might want sausage, while others might want a simple Margherita. To achieve this, simply ask your server, and they will accommodate.

On the other hand, taking steak burritos as an example. You could simply not cater to someone that doesn’t like the taste of beef or is a vegetarian.

Maybe someone likes anchovies, while someone else prefers pepperoni. Instead of ordering two pizzas, you can just split one into two toppings. In some cases, you can split a pizza into even more toppings, meaning you could cater to the tastes of several people with just one pizza.

Naturally, this is pretty convenient in scenarios where you have to share. Not to mention much more affordable than buying multiple burritos for multiple people!

Pizza is one of the few foods you can do this with; you can’t really have a half and half burrito that is fit to share with another person.


As you can see, while burritos are pretty great in and of themselves, there’s no denying that pizza has some advantages over them in certain regards.

You can easily share one pizza with many people. In addition, you can always get pizza delivered to you anywhere, at almost any time. Overall, pizza has way more flavor profiles to offer.

You get a lot more food for your money with pizza than with most burritos, and pizza generally makes for much more appealing leftovers. You can even eat leftover pizza without ever having to warm it up!

You can also share a pizza with multiple people since they can have multiple toppings to cater to everyone.

At the end of the day, we’re not knocking on burritos. They are still quite good and have many things worth appreciating themselves.

But we feel comfortable saying that most people would prefer a good pizza over a good burrito any day of the week!