Pizza Versus Chinese Food

Well then… Pizza Versus Chinese Food…

There are all sorts of great food out there. Personally, we feel that pizza is some of the best around, but there’s a lot of stiff competition.

Everyone loves pizza, but we can say for certain that many people love Chinese food as well!

But is Chinese Food really better than pizza? We don’t think so...

That sounds biased coming from us, indeed.

But we do have several valid objective reasons to support our stance on the superiority of pizza.

After all, anyone can say, “well, I think this tastes better,” but that’s all up to interpretation.

Even so, there are valid reasons to call pizza superior!

We’ll go into those reasons in pretty good detail down below, don’t worry. There’s plenty to talk about, and by the time we are through, we have no doubt that you will fully agree with us by the time this is all over!

Pizza Can Be Anything You Want it To Be

One of the best things about pizza is how versatile and customizable it is. Sure, all pizza requires some sort of bread, but beyond that, you can make almost anything you want when it comes to pizza.

You can have a thin crust with fruits and vegetables if that’s your thing. Or you can have a deep dish with goat cheese and some sausage no one has ever heard of.

The thing is, it’s almost impossible to do pizza badly. Even combinations of toppings that sound like they wouldn’t work on pizza absolutely do. Have you ever heard of honey on pizza? It sounds crazy, but it is absolutely delicious!

Pizza may be viewed as a pretty traditional food item, but you can use just about any ingredients you want to make it.

For example, is the typical pepperoni not good enough for you? Instead, make a dessert pizza, or get a, dare we say, Hawaiin! Yes, you can even put fruit on pizza if you’re crazy.

This is not to say that Chinese food doesn’t have a lot of variety, but you can’t really “customize” it to be whatever you want. If you order orange chicken, you’re getting orange chicken. If you order a spring roll, you get a spring roll.

You can get what you want frequently, but you can’t make it your own. Pizza wins in that regard!

Pizza is a Surefire Party Pleaser

Many people like Chinese, but we don’t really believe that it is quite as universally appealing as pizza.

If you had to get food for a party with lots of people, pizza is one of the best options available. Why? Because of that versatility mentioned previously.

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like pizza in some capacity since there are so many different types and options available. There’s something for everyone which goes a long way at a party.

Meat-loving friends will be easy to please.

Even vegetarians or vegans can find a pizza that suits them perfectly.

All in all, this makes pizza a fantastic choice for parties, even over Chinese food. There’s almost no chance that you won’t be able to please everyone to some extent when it comes to pizza. Of course, you may have to order a funky pizza for some folks, but they’ll be pleased, nonetheless.

And speaking of parties…

Pizza is Super Affordable for Feeding Groups

Chinese food certainly has a reputation for being cheap most of the time. Still, we’re not sure if the ratio of food procured for money spent is actually more efficient than pizza when it comes to large groups.

Even large pizzas of 14″ and above are usually around $20, and such a size is often more than enough to feed half a dozen people!

Of course, that depends on how many slices everyone eats, but that’s true of all foods. Regardless, suppose you need to feed a decent-sized group of people. In that case, pizza is always pretty effective and reliable.

Especially since you can divide the pizza in any ratio you want for the number of people present!

No Special Tools or Utensils are Required

Some people know how to use chopsticks, but we’re willing to bet that the majority in any country outside of Asia do not.

Granted, you don’t always have to use chopsticks when ordering Chinese food, but you almost always need utensils.

If you get a pizza delivered, it is usually cut into slices. If you bake a pizza of your own, the only utensils you may need are a pizza cutter and your very own hands.

Even plates aren’t really mandatory when it comes to pizza. Basically, this all equates to pizza being ultra-convenient. Don’t feel like doing any dishes? No problem!

And back to the subject of parties. Not requiring utensils of any sort for everyone to eat pizza is pretty helpful from a logistics standpoint.

Since you don’t have to worry about having enough utensils or plates for everyone.

Pizza is just nifty that way.

Pizza Delivery is Efficient and Simple

When it comes to getting food delivered, there’s no denying that Chinese food is pretty easy to get your hands on. It’s one of the most commonly ordered food items for delivery, probably just behind our beloved pizza.

But to be frank, no food is as easy to order online for delivery as pizza is.

That’s probably because most pizza joints are built around the idea of people ordering food online or by phone for delivery. That means they almost always have a pretty nice website or custom app that is user-friendly and easy to understand. So you can customize your pizza and all other aspects of your order with ease from right there!

This is also a great benefit if you don’t particularly like ordering over the phone. You’d be hard-pressed to find a pizza joint that you can’t just order online. Many Chinese places offer that too, but often not to the same extent, you know?

You Can Just Have Both!

Remember when we mentioned the versatility of pizza?

Well, consider this: if you really can’t decide between pizza and Chinese food, you can just get Chinese pizza!

Pizza is so customizable that there are pizzas with Kung Pao chicken or shrimp or sweet and sour chicken. Odd as it may sound, it truly is delicious!

The thing is, you can’t really do this in reverse as effectively. You can have a Chinese pizza, but you can’t really have pizza-flavored Chinese food. It just doesn’t work that well.

So why choose between the two when you can just pick one and get both? That’s what makes pizza so great.


When everything is said and done, we feel that there is no denying how amazing pizza is.

It’s affordable, easy to share, it can possess nearly any ingredients on the planet and still taste good, it’s super easy to order and super convenient to eat, and much more.

Chinese food is great too but compared to all of those pros, it is fair to call pizza the objectively superior option between the two.

Don’t you agree?

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