Pizza Versus Fried Chicken

There are many excellent cuisines around the world. But, unfortunately, it’s hard to choose one better than all the rest.

And suppose we’re being honest with you. In that case, even though we love pizza, it’s a tough argument to say that it is unequivocally better than fried chicken. But that’s the argument we are going to make!

Despite the many amazing things about fried chicken, we firmly believe that pizza is still better.

That’s a bold claim, but we have some valid arguments to back it up. From the ease of delivery to the variety available and how easy it is to share, there are some areas where pizza just can’t be beaten.

But of course, we understand that you may not take our word for it without some deeper explanation than that. So don’t worry, we intend to explain ourselves, and by the end of this, you may even see our side of things!

Pizza Has More Flavor Options Than Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is awesome, don’t get us wrong. But at the end of the day, it’s limited in what it can taste like and what kind of flavor experience it can offer.

No matter what seasonings you use or the cooking method you employ, at the end of the day, fried chicken is going to taste like… well, chicken.

This is not really true of pizza. There’s really no way you can say that pizza has a particular taste because its ingredients can vary so wildly. You can use different types of bread, any type of cheese or sauce you want, and any topping. By mixing and matching, pizza can taste like almost anything.

In fact, why settle for just fried chicken at all? When, of course, you could have fried chicken as a topping on your pizza if you really wanted to. Make no mistake, it’s definitely been done before, and it probably tastes incredible.

Fried chicken can have many flavor profiles at the end of the day, but it will always taste like chicken. You could eat pizza every day for a week and have each experience be totally different from the last, and that’s nothing to sneeze at!

Pizza Delivery is a Boon All its Own

These days, many types of foods can be delivered. For example, there are several ways to get fried chicken delivered to your doorstep. But ultimately, pizza is the progenitor of quick and convenient food delivery, and nothing compares in that regard.

While you may struggle to find a restaurant that delivers fried chicken to your doorstep, this is a laughable concern for pizza. Nearly any pizza place you can find will offer delivery straight to your home, and it’s almost always quick and easy.

Moreover, most pizza joints have delivery built-in to their services, whereas many chicken places do not.

You may be able to get fried chicken delivered to your home. Still, many times, this delivery would be facilitated by a third party like Uber Eats. You are paying extra just to get your food in such a case.

Either way, there’s no denying that ordering pizza is just more convenient than ordering chicken. That alone gives it a significant number of other advantages. More on that down below!

There’s No Beating Pizza at Parties

When one thinks of the type of food most commonly found at parties, there’s always pizza on the list. Even for those who think of something else first, pizza will definitely be there.

All things considered, there’s a pretty good reason for this, and one big point is that delivery as mentioned above.

Needless to say, it’s usually an easy matter to get large amounts of pizza delivered to your house for a party.

Pizza was already made to be shared, considering that it is almost always cut up into slices. It’s the perfect party food.

Pizza is also incredibly convenient because the crust is a built-in plate, meaning your hands are the only thing you need to eat. Of course, this is also often true of fried chicken, but that usually gets your hands greasy, which means napkins are a must.

Some people may not like it, but pizza could easily be eaten by hand and without napkins without making too much of a mess. The same cannot be said of fried chicken in all scenarios. But, of course, it also depends on how messy an eater someone is!

You Can Feed More People For Cheaper

Admittedly, fried chicken is a pretty easy thing to share with other people if you are so inclined. You can usually order a bucket of it from fried chicken places.

However, the amount of fried chicken you could get for $15 is unlikely to feed as many people as $15 worth of pizza. In other words, you can feed more people for less money.

For the amount of food that one large pizza actually provides, and the fact that you can usually order one in the $15 range, that’s remarkably efficient as far as cost to gain ratio.

This makes it a great choice if you need to feed many people affordably or if you just want a lot of food for your money.

You Can Order One Pizza With Several Toppings

Fried chicken may be delicious, but you can’t really go half and half with it. You can’t have half a spicy chicken tender with another half that isn’t, or something like that.

Even if you order a tub of chicken or something, generally speaking, all of the chicken in that tub will have to have the same seasoning.

This wouldn’t be a big issue unless you really wanted to share your food with someone or needed to order just one thing to share with a group of people. After all, unless everyone in the group has similar tastes, that would be a problem.

But with pizza, this isn’t a big issue. The nature of pizza means you can get half and half, or thirds, or even quarters in most situations. You can divide a pizza into many different parts and get a different flavor profile in each section.

This means you can appeal to the pineapple and ham guy, the anchovies guy, the straight-up cheese guy, and the one who just wants pepperoni.

As mentioned previously, this makes pizza incredibly useful for sharing, parties, and stuff like that. Or, you can just get one pizza for yourself with multiple flavor profiles.


While fried chicken is excellent, we believe this proves that pizza is superior. After all, when you really think about it, you can have fried chicken on pizza, but you can’t have pizza on fried chicken. Or at least, if you did, it probably wouldn’t be very good.

But you could always just get both, so it’s not like you have to really choose most of the time. It’s just that you should select pizza if you have to choose.