Pizza Versus Kebabs

Pizza vs Kebabs… let’s settle this debate!

The world is full of delicious food, but pizza is one of the best of them all.

It has pretty strong competitors, including kebabs, the much-loved food skewers, sometimes within pitta bread, that tend to include grilled meat, vegetables, and Garlic or Chilli sauce.

Both of these foods are pretty delicious in their own right!

However, I firmly believe that pizza is superior to kebabs, and I’m not just saying that because I want it to be true.

There are many reasons why pizza is the better food if you consider a few things you might not have thought about.

I’m going to cover all of those reasons, of course.

After all, I’m making a bold claim here, and I don’t expect anyone to just accept that claim without good cause.

Read on for the reasons pizza is better than kebabs, even though kebabs are pretty great.

Pizza Has the Ability to Taste Like Anything

Other than bread, there is no universal constant with pizza.

Heck, even that’s not true because there are things you can make pizza crust out of that isn’t even bread.

But the point is, the term “pizza” actually encompasses a vast array of things.

Other than a general cooking method, one pizza can be an entirely different experience from the next.

You can have a cheese-stuffed crust, white sauce, and just about any meat on the planet on a pizza.

If you’d prefer vegetables with tomato sauce and a thin crust, you can do that.

Frankly, you can put almost anything on a pizza and still have it be really good.

Kebabs can have a good deal of variety too because you can use a lot of different meat or vegetable combinations on a kebab.

Still, at the end of the day, your options are limited compared to pizza, which encompasses a greater potential for diversity.

There’s just more to work with, whether bread, sauce, cheese, and toppings to choose from than kebabs.

All of this is to say that you can always get a pizza to your liking, no matter what.

The same can’t exactly be said for kebabs, even though they can be diverse and exciting too.

Pizza is the Ultimate Party Food

How many parties have you been to that included kebabs?

It’s not that kebabs are bad, but they aren’t really a great choice when it comes to providing convenient and delicious food to your guests.

On the other hand, everyone knows that pizza is a classic party choice for many good reasons.

One of the most obvious things to mention is that pretty much everyone likes pizza.

Therefore, no matter how large of a party you are throwing, chances are you will be able to appease the majority of your guests.

Even if they are vegans or vegetarians!

Kebabs are tasty too, but they aren’t exactly ideal for big parties.

First, you might not want to be handing out sharp skewers to people, depending on what type of company you’re having.

Secondly, it takes a bit more work to prepare good kebabs, especially if you are trying to feed a group of people.

Finally, kebabs don’t have as much variety as pizza, so there’s a higher chance of someone being dissatisfied with what you’re serving.

Pizza is Very Cost-Effective

One thing to note about pizza is that, for the most part, you tend to get a lot of bang for your buck.

For example, a large pizza from most joints is about $13 or £10+, which isn’t bad for a pizza that tends to be roughly 12 -16 inches in diameter in most cases.

A pizza that size could easily feed four people and likely feed six or even eight. Not bad for $15!

On the other hand, Kebabs are a bit more affordable.

You probably won’t be feeding nearly as many people for just $13.

Of course, sometimes you are just looking to feed yourself, but one way or another, the amount of food you get for the price can’t be ignored when it comes to pizza.

Hands Are All You Need

Obviously, you may have to have a skewer to make a kebab.

That’s kind of mandatory and a tradition, but kabab in a pitta is popular too, especially in the UK!

It’s not particularly hard to procure skewers, whether metal or of the disposable variety, but you do need them.

With pizza, you don’t need anything other than your hands!

We suppose you may need a pizza cutter sometimes, but it tends to be cut up into slices if you get a pizza delivered.

It may be small savings, but the fact is that you don’t have to spend money on extra special utensils when you eat pizza, which is nice.

And even if you do have skewers for kebabs, sometimes it’s nice to be able to eat something without adding to your trashcan or your dishwasher, isn’t it?

Pizza Delivery is More Widespread Than Kebab Delivery

It’s hard to even think of pizza without thinking of pizza delivery.

One of the most popular ways for people to even get their hands on pizza is to have it delivered to their house, rain or shine, at nearly any time.

Any pizza you want is pretty much on demand.

We’re sure that some places out there will deliver kebabs to your doorstep. In the UK this is common but rare in the US!

On top of that, most places that deliver pizza are super easy to order from.

All in all, it’s just easier to provide a pizza for dinner than it is kebabs in most cases, and there is something to be said for convenience.

Anything a Kebab Has, a Pizza Can Have

We mentioned pizza versatility as one of the main things that makes it so great compared to nearly all other foods, but we’re going to push this point home right here.

What ingredients can you have in a kebab that you can’t have on a pizza? We can’t think of a single one.

Whatever meat you put in your kebab, you can put that on a pizza. Likewise, whatever vegetables are used, you can put those on a pizza.

Eating a pizza is like eating a kebab if the same ingredients are being used.

We suppose some people might not like the addition of bread and cheese and sauce. Still, we figure there’s no reason to settle for what you can have on a kebab alone when you can have it with all of the aforementioned delicious things.

Can Kabab Go On Pizza?

The simple answer is yes it certainly can!

This kabab pizza option is very popular in the UK. In most pizza takeaway establishments it is on the menu.

I have eaten the kabab pizza on several occasions and it is delicious!

specially with some delicious garlic mayonnaise, the perfect pizza condiment!

If kabab topping is not available on the menu, then just ask!

As the saying goes “shy kids get nowt”


Honestly, I don’t dislike kebabs. I quite often have one.

There’s a certain rustic charm to them, and of course, they taste good.

But compared to the versatility, affordability, and convenience of pizza, we don’t think kebabs can stand their ground.

You could always do the best of both worlds and get a pizza with kebabs on the side.

Of course, they can play second fiddle to the king but still be appreciated!