Pizza Versus Tacos

Now Then… Pizza versus Tacos. Which One is the Ultimate Comfort Food?

Let’s discuss.

A few foods out there tend to make us feel warm and cozy inside. These are the dishes you think about while sitting at work or the ones you drool over while waiting for lunch or dinner.

These delectable items are called “comfort foods”.

They come in many different shapes, sizes, and flavors. They are also made to please the taste buds in a short amount of time.

Two of the most famous comfort food options are pizza and tacos.

In this article, we will let them duke it out to decide who will be crowned the best comfort food of all time.

Pizza V.s Taco’s

Pizza and tacos are two of the most common comfort foods available today. Each has its own group of supporters who will always vote their side every time they face each other in the ring.

Both items have their own qualities, making them a great food choice for anyone. They are extremely versatile and easy to obtain.

Unfortunately, there can be only one title holder, and we are here today to find out who it will be.

Everything Thing You Need to Know About Pizza

Most households turn to pizza during busy weeks or family nights. The available flavor options are endless, reducing the stress of making a dinner that everyone can agree on.

Pizza’s Origin

Pizza dates back as far as 600B.C in Naples Italy. While this may be the first time the meal was invented, its popularity didn’t pick up any steam until the late 1880s. When chef, Esposito, presented this dish, A Neapolitan Pizza to Queen Margarita, where the Queen was delighted by the taste.

Pizza then made its way over to America by Italian immigrants in the 1900s, becoming a go-to dinner for many in places such as Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. Then quickly expanding to the rest of the states.


When Chef Esposito made his pizza for the Queen, the ingredients list was relatively small. The only toppings were mozzarella, basil, olive oil, and tomatoes.

Today’s pizzas are commonly topped with pretty much anything you can think of, from sweet fruits to hot and spicy sausages and everything in between.

The most basic pizza toppings include:

Sauce (traditional or sweet)
Other toppings that are often requested:
Green and red peppers
Sun-dried tomatoes
BBQ Chicken
Cajun Chicken

Because pizza is such a universal food, there are many ways to prepare it, making it a delicious dish for any taste buds.

The toppings aren’t the only things with plenty of options; you can also change up the dough, sauce, and how it is cooked.

Health and Nutrition

Is pizza a healthy choice? This is a commonly asked question, and the answer isn’t simple. The experts say yes and no.

As you can tell by the ingredients list, this dish can be dubbed as a “healthy option” or something you should only indulge in every once in a while.

If you choose whole wheat dough with mozzarella, tomato sauce, and basil, a slice or two each week can make a good choice for a healthy, hardy lunch.

Cooking Process

Unlike most “fast-food” options, pizza isn’t made with pre-cooked ingredients, and the dough requires baking for a certain amount of time, making it ineffective for a drive-through restaurant.

While pizza may not be a fast option, it is quicker than heading out to a restaurant, and the food is fresher and tastes better than going to a burger joint.

Everything You Need to Know About Tacos

Tacos are another popular go-to food item that has taken over many kitchens. Whether it is Taco Tuesdays or any other day when you don’t have the time to stop at home and cook a meal.

Because they are easy to make and transportable, these delicious handheld shells are great, but are they better than pizza?

Tacos Origin

Tacos are a traditional Mexican food and actually a relatively new dish. Tacos were introduced to Americans when Mexican immigrants came over to work in the mines, railroads, construction, and other hard jobs in the 1900s.

At first, the item was looked at as lower-class street food, but it didn’t take long to make it to tables all over the U.S. The popularity increased even more as Mexican restaurants started opening their doors after Civil Rights were gained.


Today most tacos include tortilla shells, beef or beans, cheese, and some type of sauce for flavoring, with lettuce, onion, and sour cream to top it off.

Softshell tacos are more popular, but the hard shell version or the “burrito” also has a large fan base with most of the same toppings available.

Types of ingredients in tacos:
Refried beans
Cheddar cheese
Sour cream

Health and Nutrition

Tacos can be healthy if you choose to make them that way. Choose whole wheat or whole grain tortilla shell, go light on the cheese, and load up your wrap with tons of veggies.

Tacos are only bad for you when you grab one after another loaded with unhealthy proteins, high carb content, and calorie-packed toppings.

Cooking Process

Tacos are pretty quick and easy to make, with most of the ingredients being pre-packaged. You will often find tons of taco trucks, drive-throughs, and shops offering them on the go.

And the Winner is?

Pizza! While tacos are a fantastic meal, pizza is much more versatile. It offers a wide range of ingredients that can be added to appeal to almost any taste.

More often than not, pizza ingredients are fresher than any taco stand. In addition, there are more health-conscious options available, and you always know exactly what you are eating.

While some people feel that you can easily overeat with pizza and that tacos fill you up faster. You are more likely to feel full quicker due to the dough from the pizza, and tacos are usually smaller in size.

Another great thing about pizza is that it is much easier to eat on the go, especially in folded style.

On the other hand, Tacos are notorious for causing a huge mess, staining clothes, and falling apart before you can even bite into them.

We also can’t forget that pizza tastes great, whether it is hot or cold. On the other hand, Tacos get soggy and yucky if not eaten straight away, meaning leftovers are usually not good.

Lastly, a group can easily share a pizza pie, making it the ultimate choice for a party or get-together because tacos are only made for one.


It is essential to note that tacos are a great go-to comfort food when the mood strikes. However, a delicious slice of hot, cheesy pizza will always be the better option.

So whether you are looking for a quick meal or a midnight snack, a slice of pizza is the way to go.

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